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ARCA is a non-profit and one of the main characteristics of an NGO is the fact that it can employ volunteer work across the world.

We are encouraging everyone who is interested to contribute to the development of the AMi Exploration program, based on their qualifications and skills, to contact us to support its implementation.

The contribution through volunteering work will be rewarded with AMiE tokens worth $10/hour.

We are looking for volunteering work for the following disciplines:
- avionics, robotics, deep space navigation, orbital mechanics, social media production and administration, all these involving a remote and on site presence;
- composite materials casting, requiring a presence on site;
- 3D graphics and social media, these two categories requiring a remote presence.

We are looking to attract volunteering work worth around $1 million between 2022 - 2027.

$10 worth of AMiE tokens/hour, reward for volunteer work

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