ARCA is committed to make the AMi Plan a reality by using its skills of achieving great results with the a reasonably small amount of funding.
We estimate that $100 million will be required between 2022 to 2027 to start the mining operations, while between 2028-2031 the spent amount will be $107 million, with this last amount covered from asteroid mining operations that are expected to start in 2027.
Therefore, a total of $207 million will be spent for the AMi Plan between 2022-2031, while expecting to get $1 billion from asteroid mining operations during the same time frame.

AMi Program budget sources

Buget total.png

Investment vs. revenue

An outstanding feature of the AMi Plan is that the development and operational cost for the associated hardware is significantly lower compared with the products currently on the market.
Some relevant cost data below:

$22,5 million - EcoRocket Heavy fabrication.

$5 million - EcoRocket Heavy launch.

$0.8 million - one AMi Cargo.

$5.8 million - one mining mission.

For more information regarding the detailed financial plan: