Objective: precious metals worth $1 billion from asteroid-mining until 2031.

AMi Exploration is a ten-year asteroid mining program that aims to unlock the largest source of wealth in history, through profitable asteroid mining.
We aim to return to Earth precious metals worth $1 billion from asteroid mining activities until 2031.

First Mission Objective: 2027, platinum worth $34 million.

The AMi Exploration Program’s first asteroid mining mission will aim to return 1,000 kg of platinum. At current prices of around $34,000 per kilogram, that payload would convert into $34,000,000. However, the Recovery Capsule return capacity is up to 2,500 kg, which would be worth $85,000,000. It is our plan to increase the quantity of returned valuable ore with each flight.

AMi Token utility: purchase the precious metals with 20% paid with tokens.

Accordingly to the AMi Exploration schedule, starting with 2027, the first ore will be brought to Earth.
Through of the AMi Crypto the ore transactions will be performed with priority. Also, the AMi Token holders will be able to purchase the ore with 20% payable in the AMi Token. The token sale will constitute the main source of revenue for the AMi Exploration Program.

Technology: AMi Cargo and EcoRocket Heavy.

EcoRocket Heavy is an ecological, reusable, unprecedentedly cost effective rocket, able to launch 24 tones to LEO, that will be used by ARCA to launch the AMi Cargo asteroid mining vehicles.
The AMi Cargo is a 20 metric tons to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) vehicle that will be used for reconnaissance missions to identify potential mining targets and for actual asteroid mining operations. 

Giving back: $100 million on education, food, medical care, and global warming prevention until 2031.

We are going to spend part of the mining revenue to provide better medical care, education, improved living conditions for the people from poor areas of the world, and directly support new breakthroughs in science and technology.